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The New York Period 1963-74

After visit to biennale held in Sao Paulo in 1963, Kim Whanki decided to move to United State, he only took few gouache sketch books on his journey. From 1964 to 1970 he experiment enormous amount of abstract painting to finally create his representative work of dot paintings. From dot to line to surface then experiment the compositions, a cross-composition, landscape, and nature abstractions, all sorts of material such as newspapers and different kind of papers. 

 At that time he presented his famous ‘dot painting' Dots painting was made of western art materials like oil paintings on canvas, same time he represented traditional Korean art the soaking-in technique.

? Dot painting was prized in [The Grand Art Exhibition of Korea] held under the sponsorship of a Hankook daily in 1970. <Where, What Have We Become and Met Again> all these paintings began with basic dots, enclosed dots by layer of squares outside. All the dots forms into groups then to surfaces, surfaces were divided and joined and rotated, transformed into all various forms.