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Founder‘s message

An art museum is the content.

No matter how beautiful the building may be, when it is poor in content and when its art does not leave deep impression on the viewer, an art museum is for nothing.

 An art museum must have good works of art that provide profound emotional resonance when a viewer, having made a tour, leaves. 'Though there are many museum in the world, museums of quality are hard to find.' said a man after visiting famous museums around the world. His implication is that it will take a long time for those museums sprung up like mushrooms after rain in this century to become outstanding museums with substance both in name and reality. A handsome building without moving the viewer achieves nothing.

  Whanki Museum , including the period of labor, took almost 20 years in delivery.

 On opening the museum we envisage various projects. The museum will have a long period of fermentation. In pursuing the goal we will follow the course of history in ‘ what and how ' and we will abide by the destiny of our nation and mankind.

 Today's museum must be alive and active. It must satisfy our demands. Its visual, musical, and poetic nuance should be decipherable by the viewers.

 I remember a recent writing of a certain critic. He said about works of an artist, 'They are novel works in oil on canvas, painted in colors like green and yet they are not landscapes, blue but not the sky, yellow but not the sun, and they contain forms but not of Matisse's paper cutouts.'

 I, too, would like to make a museum filled with works of such quality, and I will succeed in its realization.