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Director's message

Whanki Museum has built in 1992 through the Whanki Foundation a year after Kim Whanki passed away. Still now the museum continues to hold Kim Whanki's Exhibitions and the other various art exhibitions, also temporal special exhibitions, events and educational programs etc.

Museum is located in Buam-dong not far from Seongbuk-dong where Kim Whanki and wife Kim Hyangan left their traces of loving art. The museum has sited in Buam-dong at the end of Bukak mountain where it bears a close resemblance of the nature surrounded Seongbuk-dong.

The plan of the museum has been designed by architect Woo Kyuseung, he was acquainted with Kim Whanki. He has used Korean traditional material; the granite with dome shaped roof, construction of the granite wall reminds of world Kim Whanki's art works. The Interiority of exhibition space has been designed to give free open spaces, also for the individual spaces. The museum constructed to divide the works in different periods and the motives.

The purpose of making Whanki Museum was firstly, to spread out Artist Kim Whanki and his great works to the world. Secondly Whanki Museum entrusted the mission to find young talent artist and support them like Kim Whanki. Because Artist Kim Whanki always had big interested in guiding young artists and he cultivated students in the university, also he was much cared for his student, also enjoyed to get along with students. In Order to take Kim Whanki's thoughts, the museum created system of ‘Prix Whanki' to encourage artists. To select artists whoever has bright prospect and support artist by held exhibitions no matter what their nationalities.

Prize to a selected artist, the museum holds a Private Exhibition to chosen artist a year after it. The museum has organized best system for exhibitions every year, and now, museum transformed to focus on to subjective issue for an artist. With group of the artists and hold a group exhibition and after few years give a private exhibition to one of most highly outstanding artist. Thirdly the museum researches and studies Kim Whanki's art works and theories. All these knowledge published to books and manufactured art products. Also the museum runs 'Art Forum' last 7-8 years. Through all those years of experience to discriminate the quality of lectures, museum holds 'Book Art exhibition' last 5-6 years.

Aim of all the exhibitions and programs held in Whanki Museum is not for high fashioned nor commercial effects. Our aim is to make constant improvement and builds up new history for the museum. Founder of the museum and Whanki Foundation, wife Kim Hyanan mentioned ‘The life of museum is nothing more than what it is contents.' I and all the people whoever works for museum spares no effort to make a large growth and will continue to step further.