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[Annex 2/Suhyangsanbang] The 40th Anniversary of the Whanki Foundation - Whanki in New York : KIM Whanki's life and art through his journals

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Whanki Foundation, the museum has planned this exhibition to explore the life and artistic thinking of artist KIM Whanki and the significance of the journals that he kept while working in New York (1963.10.20.~1974.7.25.). In October 1963, KIM Whanki moved to New York City, the center of innovative arts and culture at the time. In New York, KIM Whanki fully realized his abstract art, which he had been experimenting with his whole life, especially over the previous ten years with outstanding artists around the world. The artist recorded his fierce artistic journey during this period in his diary, which tells his personal history as well as the story of the cultural landscape of New York in the 1960s and 1970s. Above all, his journals can be regarded as the starting point for research into KIM Whanki due to their documentation of his work-logistic characteristics, which carefully recorded the beginning and completion of the artworks, their related esquisses, and the colors used.

Period : 2019-04-26 ~ 2020-03-08
Artists : KIM Whankis' works, journals, and relics
Catalogue :