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[Main Building] Whanki Museum Special Exhibition - The Poetics of KIM Whanki

Researching and exhibiting the seminal artist KIM Whanki has been central to the Whanki Museum ever since its opening. In line with this role, The Poetics of KIM Whanki is an attempt to consider his art in various ways by examining his artistic practice using keywords. He loved his penname ‘Suwha’, and he wrote about why it became his penname. He is outstanding in articulating his artistic ideas with simple and clear yet humorous language, and just as passionate as he is when embodying creative thoughts in art forms. His interest in and knowledge of poetry were deep enough to publish his writings in a literary magazine. His diaries, letters and essays still inspire many people. With this in mind, our exhibition seeks to reinterpret KIM’s art world in the light of theories of poetry. Poetry expresses feelings and ideas by the use of the rhythmic qualities of language and condensed forms. Poetics is the study of the essence of poetry and the art of writing poetry including forms, elements, and methods. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the acknowledgement of KIM’s blue allover dot painting Where, in What form, Shall We Meet Again, which introduced a new style of abstract art to the Korean art world. The extraordinary piece is the quintessence of KIM Whanki’s aesthetic philosophy - the spirit of poetry. Thus, this exhibition invites audiences to meet the poetics of the artist through his gouache and oil paintings as well as his ‘poetry drawings’ which harmoniously blend inspiration from poems, poetic diction and aesthetic language.

Period : 2020-06-06 ~ 2020-11-01
Artists : About 200 works of KIM Whanki's drawing, gouache, oil painting
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Museum Admission : Adults 12,000won, Youth/Senior 6,000won, Group(over 20 people) 10,000won