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[Annex 2 - Suhyangsanbang] KIM HyangAn - Souvenirs de Paris

Period : 2021-04-30 ~ 2022-01-23
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In connection with KIM Whanki's activities in Paris period(1956-1959) and the artistic and romantic space of 'Paris' as the background, this exhibition introduces us KIM HyangAn's surreal and dreamy oil paintings completed in memories of KIM Whanki from Paris to New York until her death in 2004. From the early oil painting "Paris view"(1956) to the late 1990’s fairytale works, which reveal her outstanding talent as a painter, and from the first essay book "Paris"(1962) to the later essays, the thirty years of memories and longing of KIM Whanki are all melted into her works.