Whanki Museum Special Exhibition
KIM Whanki, D·R·A·W

KIM Whanki participated in the《7th São Paulo Biennale》in 1963 and received the Honorary Award in the category of painting, which decided him on an artistic journey once again into the new world.

D·R·A·W in New York at the age of 50

Whanki arrived in the City of New York in the fall of 1963, and strived for creating art in a small atelier. Later, he moved to the Sherman Square Studio in 1964 (supported by the John D. Rockefeller III Fund) but didn’t seek for the comfort and restlessly carried it on.

An atelier is not only a space where the artistic identity and creation grows, but also a restless space of endurance and labor that must constantly quenches itself into materialize and visualize the artistic Geist. The artist therein continuously developed into the fundamentals and sublimity of art without being satisfied.

D·R·A·W, for the establishment of his original style

From 1964 to 1969, Whanki steps over a wide range of categories in employing great endurance and self-orientation toward the aesthetic that kept grown in him. The series of works, such as “Four Directional Composition,” “Cross-Composition,” “Sign Series (Plants),” “Paper Works,” “Objects,” and many others were made through experimentally bonding, dismantling, and reorganizing of the artistic components. The new material, medium, and color made possible to expand beyond his original style. The restless variations finally landed on the “all-over dot painting” that the essence of creative and passionate time of his life embeds.

D·R·A·W the “artistic signal” 

“KIM Whanki, D·R·A·W” represents the 170 works of oil paintings, drawings, and sculptures, from 1963 to 1973 in the New York Period, which reminds us time of the artist’s journey and his presence in the works.

The exhibition especially draws the possibility of the “artistic signal” – transmitting through the sound installation, voice, and film, opens up the discourse between the artworks and visitors. The sound installation by CHO YOUNG UK throughout the space will hopefully performs the pleasant experience and the voices along the artworks guides to appreciate the aesthetics of the artist.


2021. 09. 28 - 2022. 01. 23


Adult 15,000 won
Student (under 19) 7,500 won
Senior (65 and over with ID) 7,500 won
  • Discount – Artist Passcard 20% / Culture Day 30%
  • Free – Welfare Cardholder / Preschool Child (under 7, accompanied by a guardian) / ICOM Card Holder
  • Group – 12,000 won (Applicable if there are more than 20 people / telephone reservation are required)

[Precautions before entering]

  • Those who do not wear a mask are not allowed to enter.
  •  Children under the age of 7 must hold the guidance’s hand during the visit.

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