About Licensing the Images
and Merchandise
[Information about Copyright
and Trademark]

About Copyright

“Copyright” is the right that belongs to the creator. In case of making new contents using existing creation, you should obtain the licensing and mark the copyright notice properly.


About the Copyright and the Trademark of KIM Whanki and KIM HyangAn

The Whanki Foundation and the Whanki Museum have the ownership of the copyright and trademark of KIM Whanki and KIM HyangAn.
As the copyright is distinct from the right of possession, the owner of Whanki’s works must obtain the approval in order to produce new content using the works.
In terms of copyright, the intellectual property of KIM Whanki and KIM HyangAn comprises the image of works, literary works and etc. including archival materials that any copyrights are issued.


Using the Copyright and the Trademark of KIM Whanki and KIM HyangAn

You must be authorized of the copyright for any use of the copyright and the trademarks of KIM Whanki and KIM HyangAn with the proper copyright marks as below.
ⓒWhanki Foundation・Whanki Museum.

The same applies to all issues whether the purpose is commercial or non-commercial, the copyright fee charges or not.

Procedure for the Copyright Authorization

1. Application submission
– Please send us the application to foundation@whankimuseum.org to authorize the copyright before you use it.
– The application must contain the detailed information of your plans such as the type of your production, size, purpose, outline, main audiences, commercial or non-commercial, selling price, point of contents, and the contact information. More details are useful for the authorization.

2. Review and Confirmation
– Based on the information that you provide, you will be answered the possibility for your uses and the copyright fee.
– Only if it is authorized, detailed information will be provided.