The Whanki Foundation
1975 Promoted the Whanki Foundation in Paris
1979 Established the Whanki Foundation in New York
1989 Established the Whanki Foundation in Seoul, Korea
1992 Opened the Whanki Museum in Seoul
1993 Opened the Annex building of the Whanki Museum
(including the gallery, the Art Shop, and the cafe)
1997 Opened Suhyangsanbang of KIM Whanki Memorial Hall in the Whanki Museum
(including the education center, Suhyangsanbang)





As the public nonprofit foundation, the Whanki Foundation aims to research, exhibit, and publish about KIM Whanki’s art world; and collects and keeps all articles left by KIM Whanki and KIM HyangAn in managing their copyrights and trademarks. The Foundation also encourages and supports both national and international artists for their practice as well as educational programs.
Beginning of KIM HyangAn’s memorial projects of KIM Whanki and the young artist supports in Paris and New York ever since he died in 1974, the Whanki Foundation established in New York in 1979. For setting up the Whanki Museum to preserve and manage Whanki’s artworks permanently, the headquarter of the Whanki Foundation moved to Seoul in 1989.

The Whanki Museum holds approximately 2,500 works which include KIM Whanki’s art works, articles, resources, and contemporary artworks by the Whanki Foundation artists. By researching, exhibiting, publishing, and educating the museum collections, the Whanki museum endeavors to deliver the museum roles to be a platform for artistic creations, place for public education and cultural enjoyment for the public. As for the main activities of the Whanki foundation, “The special exhibition of the Whanki Foundation artists” and the “Prix Whanki” has continued since the mid 1970s and supports the various artists group all around the world.

The Founder of the Whanki Foundation and Whanki Museum KIM HyangAn
The President of the Whanki Foundation JANG Jaeryong
The Director of the Whanki Museum PARK Mee-Jung


Exhibition history
of the Whanki Foundation
(1975 ~ 1992)
1975 《Whanki Paintings 1960-1974》 Poindexter Gallery, New York 
  The 13th São Paulo Biennial Special Exhibition 《WHANKI》 São Paulo Biennial, Sao Paulo
  《Retrospective exhibition of KIM Whanki》 National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Deoksugung, Seoul
1977 《WHANKI : Selected Works 1965-1970》 Poindexter Gallery, New York 
  《KIM Whanki Retrospective 1964-1970》 Tokyo Gallery, Tokyo
  《KIM Whanki Retrospective : 1954-1974》 Gallery Hyundai, Seoul 
1978 《WHANKI》 Terry Dintenfass Gallery & Poindexter Gallery, New York
  《Works 1965-1974》 FIAC, Grand Palais, Paris
  《Second International Contemporary Art Exhibition : Korea 9 Painters》 Galeries Nationales Du Grand Palais, Paris
(KIM Whanki, KWON Young-U, RYU Kyung-Chai,  PARK Seo-Bo, BYUN Chong-Ha, SHIM Moon-Seup, YUN Hyong-Gun, LEE U-Fan, HA Chong-Hyun)
1979 《Artexpo NY》 New York Coliseum, New York 
(KIM Chong-Hak, HAN Yong-Jin, MOON Mi-Aie, John PAI)
  《Works 1968-1970》 FIAC, Grand Palais, Paris
1980 《FIAC : Works 1970-1973》 FIAC, Grand Palais, Paris 
  《Whanki et Jeunes》 Whanki Foundation, Paris
(KIM Tschang-Yeul, LIM Choong-Sup, BANG Hai-Ja, PARK Choong-Heum, LEE U-Fan, TCHINE Yu-Yeung, SHIN Sung-Hee, CHUNG Sang-Hwa)
1981 《Works and Objects 1967-1971》 Terry Dintenfass Gallery, New York
  《KIM Whanki Retrospective》 Gallery Hyundai, Seoul 
  《WHANKI Foundation : PARK Choong Heum》 Whanki Foundation, Paris 
  《WHANKI Foundation : MOON Mi Aie》 Whanki Foundation, Paris 
  《Korean Artists in Paris》 Whanki Foundation, Paris
  《TCHINE Yu Yeung, PARK Choong Heum, Christiane PARODI》 Whanki Foundation, Paris
1982 《Three Artists : TCHINE Yu Yeung, Christiane PARODI, PARK Choong Heum》 32nd Street Gallery, New York
  《Whanki, Sketch Book : Navigation Lumineuse》 Poindexter Gallery, New York 
  《KIM Whanki 1963-1970》 Gallery Hyundai, Seoul 
  《MOON Mi-Aie : Paintings and Drawings》 Poindexter Gallery, New York
  《MOON Mi-Aie》 Green Street Gallery, New York
1983 《Works : KIM Whanki and HAN Yongjin》 FIAC, Grand Palais, Paris 
1984 《The 10th Memorial Anniversary Exhibition》 National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Deoksugung, Seoul 
  《Whanki, Sketch Book 1963-1964》  Poindexter Gallery, New York
  《WHANKI (1913-1974)》 Terry Dintenfass Gallery, New York
1985 《KIM Whanki’s works in New York Period》 Gana Gallery, Seoul 
  《PRIX WHANKI》 Whanki Foundation, Paris
(Jena-Michel ALBEROLA, Bazile-Bustamante, Philippe COGNEE, Gilgian GELZER, Jean-Pierre GIARD, Jean-Yves LANGLOIS, PIERRE NIVOLLET, Anne-Marie PECHEUR, José-Maria SICILIA, Pascal SIMONET)
1986 《WHANKI Foundation 1986》 Gallery Korea, New York
1987 《Whanki’s Ten Years in New York City》  Centre National des Arts Plastiques, Paris 
  《WHANKI Foundation 1987》 Centre National des Arts Plastiques, Paris
(Sylvie ACHARD, Curt BARNES, Michel DUPORT, Gérard FABRE, HAN Young-Jin, Alain LAMBILLIOTTE, Jean-Yves LANGLOIS, LIM Choong-Sup, Didier MENCOBONI, François MEZZAPELLE, MOON Mi-Aie, John PAI, Christiane PARODI, PARK Choong-Heum, Gérard PASCUAL, Anne-Marie PECHEUR, RO Eun-Nim, Vladimir SKODA, TCHINE Yu Yeung, Otto TEICHERT, Jean-Louis VILA) 
1988 《KIM Whanki》 Gallery Hyundai, Seoul 
  《WHANKI : Major Paintings 1968, 1969, 1970》 Terry Dintenfass Gallery, New York
1989 《KIM Whanki’s Dessin and Gouache – in Busan, Paris, New York》 Gallery Hyundai, Seoul 
  《The 15th Memorial Anniversary : KIM Whanki’s Gouache in 1963》 Gallery Won, Seoul
  《WHANKI Foundation 1989》 Terry Dintenfass Gallery, New York
(Curt BARNES, CHO Taik-Ho, Michel DUPORT, Gérard FABRE, MIN Kyu-Hong, PARK Choong-Heum, PARK Kwan-Wook, Anne-Marie PECHEUR, José-Maria SICILIA, SYN Seung-Hi, Otto TEICHERT, Jean-Louis VILA)
1991 《KIM Whanki: New York 1966-69》 Gallery Hyundai, Seoul 
1992 《Inauguration of Whanki Museum : WHANKI in New York 1963-1974》 The Whanki Museum, Seoul