Whanki Museum 30th Anniversary
The Museum at 30 Years, Becoming a Forum

The Whanki Foundation opened the Whanki Museum on November 5, 1992, and since then it has been striving to contribute to the renown of Suwha KIM Whanki’s art works by collecting, researching and exhibiting as well as by developing contemporary art and playing a social role as a public museum for the past thirty years.

The Museum at 30 Years, Becoming a Forum presents a place to think about the future value of the museum through the architecture of the Whanki Museum, that is, the physical space. “The Forum” means a square that used to be the center of life in ancient Greece, where opinions about politics, religion, and philosophy were exchanged, and in modern times, it connotes the giving and exchanging of opinions on specific topics and problems. This is in line with the expanding role of museums today as spaces for experiencing fine art that is applied and fused by creation, and providing the opportunity to share, propose, or reflect on social issues.

This context is in line with the opening of the Whanki Museum as the “Space of Memory (Erinnerungsräume)“ for artist KIM Whanki, which is becoming a “space of inspiration” for all art lovers, a “place of education” through art, and also an “organization of contemplation for the future.”

Starting with the story of architect WOO Kyu Sung’s contribution of the Whanki Museum, the museum is going to think about what and how the Whanki Museum space will communicate with the next generation.

Main Gallery / Prologue.

Chapter 1. Architecture and Art
Chapter 2. Rumination and Contemplation
Chapter 3. Light and Time
Chapter 4. Communication and Sustainablity
Chapter 5. Space and Experience

Annex Gallery / Epilogue_KDK


2022. 09. 24 - 2023. 01. 18


Adult 13,000 won
Student (under 19) 6,500 won
Senior (65 and over with ID) 6,500 won
Group (more than 20 ppl.) 10,400 won
  • Discount – Artist Passcard 20% / Culture Day 30%
  • Free – Welfare Cardholder / Preschool Child (under 7, accompanied by a guardian) / ICOM Card Holder

[Precautions before entering]

  • Those who do not wear a mask are not allowed to enter.
  •  Children under the age of 7 must hold the guidance’s hand during the visit.

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