KIM Whanki and His Contemporaries
NA HI KYUNE, The Light of Silence

The Whanki Museum has been conducting a research project for re-appreciation on the art world of senior artists in line with “KIM Whanki and His Contemporaries,” who were active in the same era as painter KIM Whanki.

The exhibition “KIM Whanki and His Contemporaries – NA HI KYUNE, The Light of Silence” presents the collection of 150 works, including the NA Hi Kyune’s drawings, paintings, neon, and metal sculpture works. NA Hi Kyune has been known as an artist who has pursued her own art world with paintings in the 1950s in Paris; and the geometric and flat formative works in the 1960s; and three-dimensional works of neon and metal in the 1970s and 1980s; and subsequent works of letters and musical notes from the 2000s to recent years. This exhibition features NA Hi Kyune’s retrospective that classifies her works from the 1950s to recent years by materials, thematics, and chronical order for the re-appreciation of the 70 years of artist’s history.


2020. 11. 14 - 2020. 12. 31


  • Discount – Artist Passcard 20% / Culture Day 30%
  • Free – Welfare Cardholder / Preschool Child (under 7, accompanied by a guardian) / ICOM Card Holder
  • Group – 12,000 won (Applicable if there are more than 20 people / telephone reservation are required)

[Precautions before entering]

  • Those who do not wear a mask are not allowed to enter.
  •  Children under the age of 7 must hold the guidance’s hand during the visit.