Whanki Museum Special Exhibition
Museum Guide II. The Studio of Artist

The Studio of Artist: KIM Whanki’s New York Studio” invites us to the studio of the artist KIM Whanki in New York. “The Studio of Artist” is a space that accumulates the artist’s daily efforts and hard work. From the artist’s creative process, where he devoted himself to various experiments with the mind of a dedicated practitioner, to the moments of his artistic struggles and passions that he shared with his friends all-night for discussions, “The Studio of Artist ” engraves the story of “Artist, KIM Whanki,” to share with everyone.

Museum Guide II.

The Studio of Artist

KIM Whanki’s New York Studio

The exhibition presents a sensory journey of one artist’s pursuit of his artistic world through two reinterpretations: “Paintings” that reinterprets the artist’s creative process as “sound,” and “Conversations” that reinterprets the atmosphere of late-night art discussions as “scent.” Beyond visual appreciation of the works, “The Studio of Artist ” proposes a barrier-free exhibition that integrates sensory experiences such as hearing, smell, and touch, lowering the exhibition barriers for socially disadvantaged groups such as the disabled, the elderly, and children.

The Whanki Museum’s “Audio Guide”

Time of the Artist” by Music Director CHO Yong-Uk


Whanki Museum of Art “Olfactory Guide”

Recreating the scent of KIM Whanki’s New York Studio’

Provides a sensory art experience where you can feel the narrative of the artist through your sense of smell.

Collaboration – The Perfume Korea.


2023. 03. 31 - 2023. 07. 31


Adult 13,000 won
Student (under 19) 6,500 won
Senior (65 and over with ID) 6,500 won
Group (more than 20 ppl.) 10,400 won

* Discount applies during the 2023 Museum Week from May 1-31.

  • Discount – Artist Passcard 20% / Culture Day 30%
  • Free – Welfare Cardholder / Preschool Child (under 7, accompanied by a guardian) / ICOM Card Holder

[Precautions before entering]

  •  Children under the age of 7 must hold the guidance’s hand during the visit.