Announcement : Prix Whanki 2020 – Winning Work

The Whanki Museum is proud to announce the winning work of “Prix Whanki 2020.” Congratulations to HAN Kwang woo’s The Giant in 108.38 square meter X 5.48 meter Space.


The application for “Prix Whanki 2020” started this February and after third evaluations and second interviews, we were able to select our final winning work. We would like to take the opportunity to deeply thank all the applicants who have gone through this journey with us.



Established with the Whanki Foundation, the “Prix Whanki 2020” is a competition supporting artists from all over the world and contributing to open the cultural and artistic arena for everyone with a contemporary perspective. The “Prix Whanki 2020” encourages artist’s will of creation for artworks and supports their passion by prioritizing artist’s creation, art journey, and span of its very process without setting any limitations on qualifications of applicants or genres of artworks. We hope that the encounter with the “Prix Whanki 2020” was a chance for artists to be inspired. Thank you for your interest and support.


HAN Kwang Woo’s will be introduced as a special exhibition after a workshop with Whanki Museum’s curatorial office.