Whanki : A Pioneer of Korean Modern Art (paperback-English)

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Park Mee-Jung (preface), Whanki Museum Curatorial Team


Whanki Foundation

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This catalogue was designed as a "premium guide" that preludes the art world of KIM Whanki, a pioneer led the central flow of Korean abstract art. The contents consists of 200 representative works, collection of essays and critiques about the artist, and analysis which depict the artist's complex factors in art history and social context.


Director's Foreword

KIM Whanki and His Art: The Poetic Spirit and Aesthetics fo the Sublime

I. KIM Whanki, Set Forward of Art

II. KIM Whanki, Sing for Nature and Eternity

III. KIM Whanki, Reach to the Zenith of Abstract Art

Selected Essays of KIM Whanki
Critiques on KIM Whanki
Chronology of KIM Whanki
Introduction to the Whanki Foundation·Whanki Museum
List of Artworks

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